One of the most dreaded things about owning a home is having to pay utility bills.  These bills can eat up a decent chunk of your monthly budget!  However, there are a few easy ways to decrease energy usage and save some money!

If you want to cut costs on utility bills, you first have to cut your usage.

Turn off lights

When it comes to reducing cost on energy, nothing is easier than just remembering to turn off those lights!  However, for safety reasons, it is good to leave some lights on at times.

When you leave a room, just remember to turn off the light.  A lot of people will create some sort of "hook", a reminder if you will, to help them remember to turn them off.  The most common one is to leave your cell phone near the light switch.  So when you leave the room, you are reminded about the light.

As far as choosing which ones to leave on, its a good idea to leave porch lights on so that it will deter any possible home invaders.  This light will increase the chances of them being seen.  Another good one is a small window light.  A lot of homes will have small, low wattage lights close to windows.  These lights use little energy while still making the room seem fully illuminated.

If you are home and up and about, make sure to turn these lights off when not in use.

Replace light bulbs and window coverings

While we wouldn't recommend going through the house and replacing every bulb all at once, it is a good idea to replace them with every efficient bulbs once they go out.  There are many options for energy saving light bulbs that range anywhere from $10 - $40 a pack depending on the type of bulb you need to replace.  The cost spent on these bulbs will pay for itself over time by saving energy and having to replace the bulb less often.

There are also many kinds of energy efficient window coverings.  These coverings do a better job at keeping the indoor temperature at the desired level without having the AC or heater constantly running.  These covers also start around the $10 range depending on the size and type you choose.


While this one may be difficult to remember and not very convenient, it will pay off.  Before you leave the house for an extended period of time, just remember to unplug some of your household electronics such as TVs, stereos, toasters, etc.  While you might think these aren't using energy because they are turned off, they actually have electricity running through them as long as they are plugged in to an outlet.  Simply unplug them to save money.  Just try to remember that you have unplugged them before you get frustrated and call tech support for help.


For more energy saving tips, visit the Energy Saver website!

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