Things To Think About When Purchasing A Home

In purchasing a home there are some pretty hefty factors that need to be considered. Buying a home is likely the largest single purchase an individual will make in their lives and as such needs to be carefully planned. Any list of concerns can be loosely divided into two categories, that is, the neighborhood, and the home itself. Let us first consider the neighborhood.

Perhaps you have an ideal neighborhood in mind already. One that features the home style you love, has great access to amenities and seems to fit all your needs. If so, GREAT! If not, there are some things you need to consider. Proximity to schools and work is a good thing to start with. What kind of commute will you have to work, or to take the kids to school? In considering this, take a look at the public schools in the area. How do they rate? Or maybe there are some top notch private schools that would better suit your children's needs? Other aspects of the neighborhood such as the availability of medical care and public transportation are also important.

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Finding Your Ideal Home

The purchase of a home is a exciting time in anyone's life, especially if it is your first home. Naturally you want to find the best home that suits all of your needs, and your budget. This is a purchase that requires planning on every aspect. The last thing you ever want to do is impulse buy a home, only to find out later that there are problems with the home or that it does not suit your needs.

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The Role of a Buyer's Agent

The Buyers Agent is a role that has become increasingly more significant in recent years. This is for many reasons, but perhaps the most important of these is that home buyers have come to realize the necessity of having a professional to see to their specific needs in the purchase of a home or property.

Historically speaking, the process of a home purchase was simply handled by the listing agent. This is, the agent who is actually selling the home. However, this presents a clear case of conflict of interest to the buyer as the listing agent's main responsibility both financial and otherwise lies with their client, the seller. Keep in mind that this is not to say that the listing agent is not capable of handling both concerns, simply that the home buyer's interests are better served by an independent agent.

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Top 7 Tips for Buying New Construction Homes

New home communities are more popular than ever! With good reason - new home builders are using popular, open floor-plans, including appliances, sod, and blinds, and helping make it easier than ever to get into a new home with little or no money. New home transactions typically seem a lot easier, as well. If a buyer chose to, they could get through a new home transaction without contacting anyone except the on-site sales agent! However, this would open you up to HUGE losses. Take these simple steps to protect yourself in a new home transaction, and to ensure that yours is a success.

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Top 7 Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Here is a great article by to help first time home buyers... This should be an exciting process, not a scary one.  Enjoy the time that you will be buying your first home.  Take pictures. Create some fun memories. Don't get too stressed. Rely on professionals to give you good advice; someone you are comfortable with and you can trust.

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It's a great time to buy Idaho Real Estate!

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Everything You Need to Know about Idaho Real Estate

Buying Idaho Real Estate

Idaho is one of the best kept secrets in the nation!  Well, that is until a lot of Californians found out about us and moved to the Treasure Valley, Idaho in 2005. 12,000, that is, for a nice round number! I don’t blame them! 

Welcome to Idaho Real Estate
Welcome to Idaho Real Estate

Idaho is a fabulous place to raise a family, enjoy the adventures of the great outdoors and to be in a comfortable climate where you can enjoy all 4 seasons without the extreme of any one of them. The Treasure Valley in Idaho offers a diverse economy, maintaining strength in the real estate market and low unemployment rates as well as minimal crime.  Who wouldn’t want to live here?   The Boise Idaho area offers great value on home purchases and investment opportunities!

Idaho Real Estate values have been on the low of a national average for many years and Idaho continues to offer great buys when it comes to single-family homes and investment properties

Let’s look at some of the basics when buying Idaho Real Estate:

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Avoiding Financial Stress

By asking the right questions, and knowing exactly what your needs are, you can find the right loan for you. There are certain approaches that you can take while mortgage shopping that can cost or save you money.

It is still true that the better qualifications you have, the lower your interest rate will be. However, there are mortgages available for almost everyone; it's the interest rates or the down payments that vary.

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Importance of Inspection

As a buyer, you are entitled to know exactly what you are getting. Don't take for granted what you see and what the seller or the listing agent tells you. A professional home inspection is something you MUST do, whether you are buying an existing home or a new one. An inspection is an opportunity to have an expert look closely at the property you are considering purchasing and getting both an oral and written opinion as to its condition.

Beforehand, make sure the report will be done by a professional organization, such as a local trade organization or a national trade organization such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspection).

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Hot, Normal, & Cold Markets

Hot Market

A hot market is an extremely competitive market, one that is advantageous to the seller. Sometimes, homes will sell as soon as they are listed or even before homes are listed. Typically, during a hot market, multiple offers will be made on each home and more often than not, homes will sell for more than their asking price. It is even more crucial to be prepared and to be ready as a buyer when the market is hot. It can be easy to get caught up in the bid for a home, but if you are prepared (pre-approved, solid in price range, realistic about your needs), it is easier to remain focused on your housing needs and price range.

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Build a Plan of Action and Get Ready

Buying a home will probably rank as one of the biggest personal investments one can make. Being organized and in control will contribute significantly to getting the best home deal possible with the least amount of stress. It's important to anticipate the steps required to successfully achieve your housing goal and to build a plan of action that gets you there.

Before you can build a plan of action, take the time to lay the groundwork for your decision-making process.

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Finding the Right Seller

The best seller is one who is highly motivated. A highly motivated seller is more likely to sell for less than his or her house is worth. And it matters that you find out why; learning the reason why can help you get the price you want and help the seller get what they want: a timely sale.

When given the opportunity to meet with sellers, ask them why they are selling. The reasons could be anything from job change to a new location to financial problems. If you can solve their problem, whether it is cash related or time related, do so. For example, if the sellers are highly motivated because they need to move quickly, give them a fast sale - and a lower price.

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