The contracts that are involved in a real estate transaction can be a complicated thing to the untrained eye. Typically a real estate contract encompasses all aspects of the sale and purchase of a particular property. This includes all subjects and sub-clauses, details of the property and the funding that is involved. It's advisable to read over these documents in entirety with your realtor who can explain all aspects of the contract in greater detail.

Whether you are on the selling side or the buying side of the contact, there are some areas that you will want to pay particular attention to:

The property information is the first area that will be detailed. This includes all pertinant info about the home and land that it is on. Also listed are the subjects of the sale. This area can include things such as inspections or necessary repairs that have to be completed for the sale to go ahead. As these subjects are met, they are removed from the contact with initials or signatures from both the buyer and seller.

Another important aspect of the contract is the itemized details of the financial transactions that are involved in the purchase/sale. The most important item in this section, especially for the buyer will be the mortgage information. Details of the deposit should also be covered by the contract such as the ammount of the deposit and where it is being held.

An extremely important area of the contract will deal with what is and is not part and parcel of the sale. Many people, when they move, decide to take certain things with them. Appliances, window dressings and other things that are not included in the sale must be itemized on the sale contract.

The best way to become aware of all aspects of the contract process is to sit down with your realtor and spend some time going over the contract itself. As a trained professional they will be able to explain all the details of the contact to ensure that you as the buyer or sell understand all the terms and conditions fully.

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