The 5 reasons a property will sell or NOT sell:

1. Location Image

People will either like the location or not.  Most people like to be situated either in the right school district to meet their needs, close to work, a particular neighborhood or someplace with a view. In most instances, people look for location first.  You know what they say; "Location, Location, Location!"  If your home is in a poor location or has questionable surroundings or neighborhood, any of the remaining four reasons may need extra attention. Idaho Real Estate is always a good location, but there are always possible surroundings that aren't as desirable...

2. Price Image

Especially in our current Idaho Real Estate market, PRICE can be THE most strategic reason a buyer will buy.  As your agent, I will provide you (my seller) with comparable properties in both "Active" and "Sold" categories. It's best to be as high as possible when compared to the "SOLD" properties (to get the highest price possible) however,  price average or below when compared to the "ACTIVE" properties (your competition). Some sellers will say something like, "We can always come down..."  However, in a competitive (buyer's) market, some buyers won't even look at a home that seems to be overpriced (above average). Listen to the advice of your agent when determining the pricing strategy of your Idaho home.

3. Terms Image

When it comes to financing, the home must meet certain standards and be able to qualify for BEING financed (not just the buyers need to be qualified).  Most homes don't have an issue when meeting this criteria, but ask your Idaho real estate agent if there are any concerns, especially when looking into FHA, VA or other Government backed loans. Some more creative financing may be desireable and help sell a home quicker and for a higher price in a slower market. When offering "Owner Carry" or "Lease Purchase" terms, you may attract more buyers and be able to sell quicker and at a premium price. Beware of the risks of these optional terms and seek the advice of your agent.

4. Condition Image

OK..  This one seems so simple to me.  When we sell a car, we typically will wash it, wax it, vaccuum the inside, shine the tires and the chrome and make it "SHINE"!  We need to do the same, or even more for our house when seeking a buyer. Staging is the big talk right now.  It may help to hire a professional stager or designer to help you put your best foot forward. Buyer's usually like to see the home lived in, but they don't want to see the lifestyle that lives there. Keep things neutral and classy.

5. Marketing Image

Most homes that take longer than the average market time to sell are due to either being over priced and/or under marketed. Proper Marketing is the Key! Don't miss out on the best marketing of Idaho Real Estate in the Boise real estate market!

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