As I mentioned here on, in "6 Easy Steps to Selling Your Home", there are six key factors and efforts you must make to get your Idaho home sold quickly and for top dollar.

Now... With as many homes that are on the market in Idaho, buyers have options; lots of options!  There are more "deals" out there than ever before on Idaho Real Estate!  With Idaho Short Sales and Idaho Foreclosures on the rise, it's imperative that you do two things right:

Whether you are selling homes in Nampa or if you have Boise homes for sale, you must  

1) Price Your Home ahead of the Market...

Pricing Your Home to Sell

What do I mean by pricing "ahead of the market"?  Our market has been in a decline for several months (in most price ranges).  It's important that you price as high as possible with SOLD comparables, but BELOW average as compared to ACTIVE listings (your competition). Many sellers have "chased the market down", only to miss the earliest opportunity to sell, and for a higher dollar amount.  Some of them now, have been on the market for more than a year and are still "chasing the market" down. If you want your home sold in this market, you must be aggressive with PRICE!

If you can't accept a lower price, maybe you should wait for the market to increase. It's important to know why you are selling.

This will inevitably change as we change to an appreciating market.

2) MAKE Your home SHINE!

Clean your House

Now to the SHINE part:  It is simply unbelievable to me that sellers don't 'wash the car' before they try to sell it.  It's that simple!  With your home, take care of details, paint if necessary, by all means CLEAN IT! Home staging is very popular in this market and very effective for a lot of homes.

If you can spend $2,000 to gain a sales price of maybe $5,000 more, why wouldn't you do it?  Even if you can't get $5,000 more, it may be necessary to spend the $2,000 now rather than to chase the market down $5,000 and sell it later. 

I hope this makes sense.  Please feel free to contact me about what it will take to get your home sold in this trying market.  I'm here to help. Always looking out for your next move on Idaho Real Estate,

Don Wixom