If you haven't read the book, the "E-Myth" yet, I suggest you purchase a copy & follow it's great advice!

The book covers 7 basic Business Development Strategies that can help make your operation flourish (If utilized and managed well).  I hope you enjoy:

  1. Primary aim (we must have a target, goal, "end in mind")
  2. Strategic Objective
  3. Organizational Strategy (who is responsible for each task?)
  4. Management Strategy (who runs the show?)
    biz meeting
  5. People Strategy  (who are our resources or alliances?)
  6. Marketing strategy
    big heads
  7. Systems Strategy (you have to be able to reproduce the action)

................I hope these alone will help spur on ideas and dreams, but if you have the chance, please read the book!

Always looking out for your next move on Idaho Real Estate in the Boise real estate market,

Don Wixom
RE/MAX Executives
Nampa, Idaho