When traveling from your Nampa Home to your Boise job or from your Boise Home to your Canyon County job, there is traffic!  Some times of the day are worse than others and the 55 speed limit is certainly a bother as well....

But, they are fixing the roads!  YEAH!  A nice wider freeway between Nampa and Boise will be great....and a long time needed!  A much easier drive home is on its way!

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Please plan ahead for the following traffic changes:

Please plan ahead for Dec. 11, when the Idaho Transportation Department will demolish the Ten Mile Overpass on I-84.
  • I-84 will be closed overnight between the Garrity and Meridian interchanges for the demolition.
  • Work will start at 10 p.m. Dec. 11 and end at 7 a.m. Dec. 12.
  • During this time, flaggers will detour motorists to Franklin Road by way of the Meridian and Garrity interchanges. Click here to see a detour map.
  • Please expect delays or choose an alternate route.

Starting Dec. 11, Ten Mile Road will be closed from Franklin Road to Overland Road while a new interchange is constructed to replace the overpass. The road will re-open in Summer 2011. Click here for a map of alternate routes across I-84.

Please check the Ten Mile Interchange project page or go to (click on I-84, Ten Mile Interchange) for updates.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

The Idaho Transportation Department
Office of Communications
(208) 334-8005
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    ~And another thing, just one of my pet peeves: 

If your not passing someone on the freeway, please be courteous enough and move to the right lane. In most other states, there are signs reminding us for "slower traffic please keep right".... That doesn't seem to be the case in Idaho. If you are hogging the left lane and no one is in the right lane, please move over.  Little things like this and proper merging techniques will assure fewer accidents and a smoother commute between our beautiful cities!

Thanks for letting me vent about traffic on Idaho Real Estate....Oh, by the way, if you or someone you know is in need of buying or selling a home, please give them my number and this web address.

Thanks a bunch!