Now there's no need to worry about paying your mortgage if you lose your job.

Introducing "Worry Free Mortgage Protection Program" from First Mortgage Co.

In the event that you lose your job or experience an unexpected financial setback, it may give you some peace of mind while you get back on your feet.

The Worry Free Mortgage Protection Program

No Mortgage Payments


  • Good for the first 24 months of your loan.
  • Up to Six months of mortgage payments.
  • Up to $1,800 paid per month, including principal, interest, taxes, and insurance.
  • May also assist with other unexpected financial difficulties such as medical issues or other events causing significant financial challenges.

It's a great way to get into a new home - all safe and secure!

Apply on-line

For more details, contact Nampa Realtor, Don Wixom with RE/MAX Executives in Nampa, Idaho. He's always looking out for your next move... on Idaho Real Estate