Client Updates via TEXT Baby!

What a wonderful tool! 

Texting Idaho Real Estate Info

I can't believe how convenient texting can be when going through a transaction with savvy clients!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

My sellers texted me the other day, after a big wind storm & told me the sign was down.  I sent my sign guy right out (also via text) and they were up and running again!

Another client sent me a text asking about the status of their contingent offer. I was able to answer them (during a meeting) and not miss a beat!

Yet others texted me with questions about their tax bill.

After talking with my clients about texting back and forth, I realized THEY appreciate it as much as I do!

Text away my friends!  (I am concerned about the proper grammar, however; "texted"? "texts"? "texting"?)

Always looking out for your text move on Idaho Real Estate in the Boise real estate market,

Don Wixom  Realtor  RE/MAX Executives  Nampa, Idaho

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