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If you have never checked out "" it's kind of fun & be careful, it becomes addictive too!  Just check out and type in anything vs. anything & it will show you the number of associated items on the WWW for each.  For instance:  Ford vs. Chevrolet, or REMAX vs. Coldwell Banker.  It's more or less a popularity contest, but it's kind of fun when you type in things like "my dad vs. your dad".

Just a little fun research.  I hope you enjoy!  Whenever you know of anyone looking to buy or sell Idaho Real Estate, please send them my way You can search the entire MLS for the Boise, Nampa & surrounding areas in Idaho.

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Thanks & God Bless!

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Mortgage Demand Reaches 4-Year High

Homes for sale in Nampa Idaho 

 I was speaking with a mortgage lender at lunch today, here in Nampa, Idaho.  They said they have received a pile of new loan applications and their market is certainly picking up since the new year!  That's exciting news...right here in town!  There are more people that are buying homes for sale in Nampa Idaho!
The following article is from the Mortgage Bankers Association about the National Demand for Mortgages.  For more detailed information on Idaho Real Estate contact Don Wixom.  To apply for a new loan for a home purchase, contact Leon Baker.  To refinance your current home loan, click here!

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NAR Report on Boise Real Estate

National Association of REALTORS Report on Boise Real Estate

The National Assoc. of Realtors has a team of market analysts that direct their efforts toward the local real estate market.  The information on the Boise Metro Region is positive!

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Taking the High Road

.....Taking the High Road.....

In 2002, I was president of our local Association.  The first leadership meeting with my board, I presented the following challenge & theme.  I have had so many people in these past 7 years come up & tell me how valuable that was and thanked me for my example.  I hope this will mean as much to you as it did to hundreds of our members:

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Featured Idaho Real Estate Agent

Featured Idaho Real Estate Agent...

I guess blogging is a little bit about tooting your own horn (on occasion)....  There is a Real Estate Networking site that is primarily used by the real estate industry, however there are lots of good articles and information for the buying and selling public as well...

Idaho Realtor

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5 Steps to Success...

I will be presenting motivational messages from time to time to my agents in our Tuesday morning office meetings.

I ran across John Maxwell's Five Steps to success (He may call it something different).  I will be sharing this with my agents this week: Steps to Success

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The State of Idaho Real Estate

Strong Economic Indicators for Idaho Real Estate

  • Net in-migration - Ranked 4th Nationally
  • Low Unemployment
  • Strong Commercial Markets
  • Healthy Consumer Spending
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Readjusted Rates for FHA Loans
  • Removal of the Subprime Market

Idaho Association of Realtors
Housing Price Index- Idaho Association of Realtors

To what extent is Idaho in a real estate slump and what impact is that having on our economy?

  • Demand pushed undervalued prices up (from 2002 to 2005)
  • Led to a boom in sales (peak in 2005)
  • Overbuilding and speculation led to excess inventories in two largest markets.
  • It will take time to draw inventory levels down.
  • Moving from a boom to a more stable market.
  • Housing prices will continue to see long term gains.

This information is provided by the Idaho Association of Realtors in cooperation with the National Association of Realtors. These questions and more, were presented from our Idaho Legislature and the Idaho Real Estate market was presented by John Eaton, our Government Affairs Director for IAR.

Overall, 2008 looks to have some great opportunities for buyer investors and anyone looking for a home.  There are some great buys out there on Idaho Real Estate, especially in the Nampa and Boise real estate markets!

Check out the following graphs showing the number of SOLD residential properties throughout the state of Idaho from 1996 through 2007:

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Belief or Fact?

What's the Difference between a Belief and a Fact?.....

A friend of mine, Wayne Roland wrote this little article and I find lots of truth in it... It's a good time to reflect and maybe take a look at how others may see you. 

Ancient Methods Muddy Mental Waters

Here's a fresh look at an old topic. 

How do you know the difference between a belief and a fact? 

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Real Estate Tax Tips

Before and even after selling real estate, you may consider getting some advice from professionals. You can also check out some good tax tips on-line.

Tax Tips for Idaho Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling Idaho Real Estate, avoid costly mistakes and use a licensed REALTOR member of the National Association of Realtors and in Idaho, the Idaho Association of Realtors.

Experience is the key and for Education, there is no substitute; contact Don Wixom when you have real estate needs in the Boise real estate market.

Idaho Real Estate: Relax and Read

Suggested Reading for 2008

 Idaho has awesome scenery to just sit back, relax and view while reading a book.

New Year's Day brings a time of relaxation and I have found the time to finish reading a great little book as I was waking up this morning.  I don't do too many book reports, but I thought I would share this infomation and hopefully inspire someone to read more this year. Reading is always best on Idaho Real Estate or at least viewing Idaho Real Estate... Even if it's the foothills of Boise real estate or the waters of Lucky Peak Reservoir, I'm thankful for the beauty God has filled this great area with!  Take time to enjoy and take time to read:

A View of Idaho Real Estate
View of Idaho Real Estate

"The Angel Inside" written by Chris Widener

This is a quick, easy read!  A friend of mine in the Seattle area gave this to me on my last visit.  He didn't say much about the book, but just handed me a copy.

I started reading it a month or so ago & I just finished it this morning. Short & powerful, this book talks about creating a Life of Power and Beaty and following your passion, after determining what it is; to set fear aside and ask some basic, simple questions of yourself.

It's all of 111 pages; most could probably read it in a couple hours or less.

Big Springs Idaho
Enjoy Idaho Real Estate

I hope you take the time to check this book out.  I would love to hear back from you.  Happy New Year from


Always looking out for yoru next move on Idaho Real Estate in the Boise Real Estate Market,

Don Wixom  RE/MAX Executives  Nampa Idaho

Happy 2008!  "Leaders are Readers"

Mountains of Idaho
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