Treasure Valley Historic Home Prices

After tracking our Idaho MLS statistics for the past few years, I have compiled the average SOLD prices for single family homes in the Nampa / Boise area.

As the graph shows, our peak prices were in the fall of 2006 and began to drop quickly. Canyon County experienced the most fluctuation in both rise and fall of average home prices in the Treasure Valley.

The graph for these Idaho Real Estate Statistics indicate we are currently at a pricing level similar to the beginning of 2005.

Treasure Valley Home Prices 

Year ending 2009, average sold prices for Treasure Valley Homes:

Nampa-      $128,125

Caldwell-    $104,536

Meridian-   $188,061

Boise-        $193,677

The activity data (or number of homes sold) has followed a similar curve, and there is an interesting correlation when considering supply and demand in this new market. Idaho Short Sales and Idaho Foreclosures have played a big part in home values this year and will continue to do so for the next few years.

Watch for more Idaho Real Estate statistical information coming soon.

Always looking out for your next move...(sm)

Don Wixom, RE/MAX Executives