Interest or Offers?

Typically you must have interest in your Idaho real estate in order to obtain an offer, but interest alone is not enough!

You gotta have offers (well at least one offer)!  

The PRICE of your homes for sale in Idaho will most likely ATTRACT the interest (prospective buyers) but what does it take to get the OFFER(S)?

I showed one home for sale in Middleton on Friday afternoon that sounded too good to be true!  It seemed to be priced way below market & after seeing it, I believe it was!  My buyers had immediate INTEREST in seeing this Middleton home (Because of the price).

I showed another home for sale in Nampa Idaho TODAY that looked interesting, but didn't think it would be on top of the list, because the price wasn't KILLER.  However, for this Nampa home for sale, we wrote the offer! Clean your house

Why? Because it looked great!  It shined! It was staged! It was actually occupied by home tenders and they did a wonderful job! The listing said occupied by "tenants." My buyers are not able to move into the house right away, and they wondered if they could keep the TENANTS!

PRICE will attract the INTEREST

STAGING will bring the OFFERS!

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