The sun is out and the weather is warm! Time to go have some fun!  .....Right?  Well, now is also the best time to clean your home and be ready for visitors!  Before you have people over for a BBQ or a bonfire, I'm sure you'll want your home to look its very best!  Here a a few quick tips that may help!


Did you know?

Studies show that people who keep a cleaner home tend to have less health problems?  It doesn't effect just one particular area of health either!  Keeping a clean home can prevent harmful things such as mold, pests, and other germs from becoming an issue.  People also tend to have better mental health when living in a cleaner home!

While it's warm...

While it's warm outside, get as much done in the yard, garden, garage, as possible.  This is a great way to kick off your big spring cleaning.  We suggest starting outside so you don't track in any dirt or debris from outdoors into your freshly clean home.   You'll also want to start with any shrubs or trees before your tackle the lawn itself.  That way you don't have clippings to clean up from the yard because you can just mow right over them (Depending how big).  After the lawn, make sure to sweep off any walkways to keep the front looking nice and clean.

Take it inside.

Once you have everything done outside, come back in and enjoy a break on the couch for awhile before starting up again.  The first thing to do is dust ceiling fans and blinds.  You will want to start here so any stray dust can be vacuumed up later.  Once that is done, move furniture aside and vacuum the floors and clean the baseboards.

Even the kitchen sink.

When cleaning sinks and tubs, a great thing to do is poor boiling water down the drains.  This will help clear the drains as well as kill bacteria.  You can also freshen your disposal by grinding up ice cubes and citrus peels.

Keep it clean

The best way to keep a clean home is to do your very best to keep up on it.  Don't wait to dust, vacuum, or pick up.  The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be when you get to it.

A great way to keep air vents and ceiling fans clean is to apply a little car wax.  The wax will help prevent dust from attaching.

You should also use a cover in the microwave to avoid and food from splashing and being cooked to the microwave wall.

For easy clean up in the oven, use aluminum foil to line the inside.  That way when it's time to clean, you can just remove the foil and put in a clean layer.